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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the retrochat.online moderators.

  1. Keep it kind, free speech is fine, but it doesn't mean you can harass and insult other people
  2. Feel free to geek out about anything you're passionate about (whilst adhering to other rules)
  3. Everyone is equal
  4. This is a multi-language server, please be respectful if another user is using a language you don't understand
  5. NSFW inc. nudity is allowed but must be CWd, this includes boosts
  6. Self Promotion is allowed, this includes self produced merchandise and content. Promotion of large companies and their products is permitted to certain bounds.
  7. Any data present on this server, created by us or our members, is for the use in which it was originally created. We do not condone posts being aggregated for use outside of the Fediverse, or by services created solely for the purpose of aggregation. This includes OPT-OUT services.