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In about an hour (19.30 BST) I'll be streaming The Empire Strikes Back by Megastyle (2022) for the Everything C64 May Challenge.

The cost of petrol is so high at the moment I ended up putting vodka in the lawn mower. Now the grass is half cut.

Just looking back on this, has anyone else made a video with the normally silent C64 data audio synced with the loading?

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First attempt at ROM removal failed. It looks clear from the underside but I guess still holding from topside. All returned to working, will try again soon. Need some desoldering advice first!

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Also fixed this. At the front is the new design. Next the old miswired and patched design that was in use until now. Rear is the clock with the new design in place. I'm happy with this!

Built. Now I just have to pluck up the courage to fit it!
The biggest task will be desoldering the existing Kernal chip from the board. I do have the equipment now but this will be a first!

In about an hour (19.30 BST) I'll be streaming Puzzle Bobble by Taito (1994) for the Mamemeister High Score Kerfuffle.

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I love the F5 key. It's just so refreshing.

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@nikki Recreate the feeling of using a classic Atari 2600 joystick for more than half an hour by beating your hand with a rock.

In about an hour (19.30 BST) I'll be streaming Ordyne by Namco (1988) for the Mamemeister High Score Kerfuffle.

Looks like a really good alternative to Stream Desk for streamers. The mobile app does need a paid (ad-free) version but that's apparently in the works. Been playing with it and it's promising!

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