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@nikki Recreate the feeling of using a classic Atari 2600 joystick for more than half an hour by beating your hand with a rock.

In about an hour (19.30 BST) I'll be streaming Ordyne by Namco (1988) for the Mamemeister High Score Kerfuffle.

Looks like a really good alternative to Stream Desk for streamers. The mobile app does need a paid (ad-free) version but that's apparently in the works. Been playing with it and it's promising!

I saw a green meteor this morning (around 00:40) as I was approaching Pontypool. It was stunning!

In about an hour (19.30 BST) I'll be streaming requested games and demos on a real Amiga 1200!

Vice was a bit more complex and requires a program running as an intermediary on the computer.

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Connecting to a BBS using a real C64 and an Ultimate II+ cart.

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