I'm still going to build a twin stick controller but let's sort out Play Blackpool first ;)

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I was going to build a twin stick controller but the Sanwa stick I bought is huge so here's a 4-way build instead :)

He followed us home. I hope he's not the Impostor but he sure looks sus to me!

Yes I think S-Video is the way to go. This is from a real C64.

Day five of the British heatwave. No one knows where they start and their underwear ends. Hugs are outlawed in case you stick together forever. Anyone wearing a jacket is to be given a pamphlet titled, "What Is Wrong With You?"

Disclaimer: I <3 this weather ;)

In about an hour (19.30 BST) I'll be streaming Robocop by Data East (1988) for the Mamemeister High Score Kerfuffle.


My latest creation. Commodore/Atari DB9 to USB. Tested with PC and MiSTer. Works fine!
It should be in a case by the weekend.

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