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Seeing as it’s been on this screen since, I guess it’s not coming back

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Cyberpunk just dropped me through the floor whilst I was in the middle of a chase mission …

It feels like the designers were trying to write a film, replicate GTA and capture the lightning they had achieved with Witcher. But they forgot they were making a game. It’s a massively technical achievement (even with the bugs) and looks gorgeous, but it’s not good to be the early DC film verse of games 3/3

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In CyberPunk (at least at my settings) the roads are so empty that it’s incredibly obvious when the extra traffic is added - and the car AI just makes them continue driving in a straight line rather than reacting normally. There are other small things here and there but those are the main issues, a lot of the technical issues can be fixed - but it would remain fairly soulless 2/3

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I’m doing some sun-quests in Cyberpunk at the moment, so here are my issues with it, I’m not too fussed about the bugs tbh - although there are a lot - 1) it’s not ‘fun’, this is a personal opinion but there’s a sense of joylessness about, it’s far too po-faced. 2) it uses too many cliches, both game and film based. Some of these really don’t work out, like the standard follow car mission - in a game like GTA it works, because the roads tend to be busy anyway. 1/3

Like a glove - which is shocking, my ‘eh, probably about x mm’ doesn’t normally result in a first attempt success. I’ll probably remove the volume control and move it somewhere else

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LCD fits perfectly, just need to test fit the speakers and amplifier board then this part will be done

I think I need to take a different path on the PSU I'm designing - instead of having two transformers I need to use one 18vac transformer, output the 18VAC and half rectify it, put it through a 7809 and output 9VDC

I think that’s the first time YouTube has suggested one of my own videos to me

I accidentally left some screw pegs enabled from a different part of this component when I exported, so they’re floating - the printer made a fair crack at it though

Trying to persevere with Cyberpunk, but starting it up this morning and the performance has gone from a near rock solid 60fps to so bad that I’m falling through the world

Watching a rough cut of Lost and Found, obviously Erica will need to go through and work out anything she wants to change - so still a bit of work to do, but it’s a great first cut

Capacitor reflowed onto the board and this part of the project seems to be working

Two more components arrived for my latest project, unfortunately, one had almost zero packaging and has suffered for it

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