This is still one of my favourite books, it’s a compilation of the first two of Rick Cooks Wiz series. The series involves a computer programmer being teleported into an archaic world where magic works but , lost without technology he discovers a way to ‘program magic’. Fantastic books, the first two are the best but it’s a great series all in

@stormkeepergu Fair enough, i've personally never seen any real benefit for switching to i-bidder, I've often compared searches and there's never been any improvement worth moving my searches across

Took an unbelievably long amount of time but the Amstrad lot is finally on its way to me, hopefully, I'll get it early next week

Eh, I enjoyed Obi-wan on the whole, but the last couple of episodes had some real issues, the last one especially traded good character development for drama

I never had an issue with the XBox App on my old PC, but on this laptop I’ve had to run wsreset 3 times because it won’t launch any games

I’m playing some Breathedge, mostly because I found it on Game Pass, quite funny although a little frustrating at times

It’s bad writing, just really bad writing. I know not all of the Marvel films are ever going to be cinema classics, but the writing was at least competent.

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Multiverse of madness is not a good film, oh it’s got the action, humour and great acting - but the story entirely relies on odd decisions and deus ex machina wrapped up in a fan service bun


Okay, I can't do much right now, but I can do this:

If you provide me proof (via DM) of a donation >= $20 USD to an organization that provides abortion support here in the US, I will provide a free voucher code for the PWST course.

#infosec #cybersecurity

I'm quite pleased with my recent auction wins .. other than the fact I'm supposed to be selling my collection obviously

Got home to a couple of parcels, a joystick for the Commodore Plus/4 and wonderfully a joystick adaptor for the Plus/4 from Retroleum. I’m guessing I’ll use both, but probably end up using the Cheetah Bollistick with the Adaptor

Our project is funded by people like you, and we need about $130 USD for an Apple developer account and Google Play Store account to publish the :pixelfed: Live app (and eventually the main app!)

Will you help us reach that goal? The preferred donation method is our PayPal, but you can also donate via or

Boosts appreciated, and thank you for supporting us ❤️ #pixelfed #communityFunded

That was my ‘it’s been an hour since I found out’ message btw, my internal producer voice is weeping about the money and time I’ve already sunk into this weekend

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We’ve had to cancel this weekends filming due to a covid positive result for one of the key crew. Annoying but also probably a bit inevitable in the current world

I'm now 60 pages into the Elden Ring journal and I've just beaten the first 'main' boss, Godrick. I think he was more fun to draw than to fight.

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Alan Turing was born on this day in 1912, so here’s a brief video I made a year ago

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