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Whilst I’m waiting for Into Oblivion to load, let’s look inside the Famicom TV-NET MC-1200B (I really don’t have the patience for tape loading anymore) - it’s a plethora of Japanese companies including Sony, Motorola and NEC. A couple of screws hold the PCB to the case, but some handy dandy holes are present

Back on the tape gang - Soul of a robot loaded, but The Devils Crown did not, it has a bad section of tape so will probably never load , that £9.95 in Boots has been wasted

Unhealthy treats 

Ordered some stuff from Flossy Treats, delivery was very quick

Jess joined me and @EricaMDirector today, she’s a lovely dog, although I do wish she was about 70% less hairy

This is a new one, not even slightly believable- but at least it’s inventive

I also took the opportunity to rearrange the cassettes a little, putting Nonterraqueous and Soul of a Robot together, and the rest of the similar numbered software and also the Amsoft titles

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A few more games loaded today, although a couple wouldn’t load, including The Wild Bunch which kept coming up with a memory full error, although I’m guessing that’s a symptom of bad data, also a little bit of multitasking on the G4 Cube

At least all the chips are in there, I was half expecting this to have been harvested and the fuse is still good, which at least suggests it hasn’t had too much power stuck into it

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The second of the things I purchased from a live auction before my situation changed. A Plus/4. I’ve got no PSU so can’t test it and these have some issues with the custom Silicon, made more worrying because it’s definitely been opened

Ah, Electric Eddie was also a half finished type-in. However, I had a much higher hit rate with the WHSmith tape deck than the 464. I also managed to fix the remote port which made everything a lot smoother

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I’m trying the blank tapes now, and the three Boots ones are, in fact, blank. The Computape ones are a mixture of Football manager saves, half finished type-ins and some games, like Electric Eddie

Now onto Football Manager. I ported a remake of this game onto the GP2X. I then made the bizarre decision to port it to Android. It was both the first Java code I’d done and the first Android code. My use of threading caused early Android phones to overheat and run out of power super quickly

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Yay and the Amstrad version is really good, I made it all the way to 3rd Dan before getting my bottom handed to me

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It’s like it’s suddenly become a Spectrum, albeit one with more colour and less clash

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Oddly, the Amstrad version of Steve Davis Snooker requires you to push a key to load each data block

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