This is still one of my favourite books, it’s a compilation of the first two of Rick Cooks Wiz series. The series involves a computer programmer being teleported into an archaic world where magic works but , lost without technology he discovers a way to ‘program magic’. Fantastic books, the first two are the best but it’s a great series all in

I'm quite pleased with my recent auction wins .. other than the fact I'm supposed to be selling my collection obviously

Got home to a couple of parcels, a joystick for the Commodore Plus/4 and wonderfully a joystick adaptor for the Plus/4 from Retroleum. I’m guessing I’ll use both, but probably end up using the Cheetah Bollistick with the Adaptor

We’re just going to do a quick test, I’ve been kicked out of NerdHaven whilst a table read happens so can’t really play anything, but we can at least see if it loads (ignore the blue tint, for some reason my iPhone does this whenever I photograph my main TV)

Thanks to some rather quick delivery I can, at least, remove the Bluetooth tape out of the equation

I’ve got some actual Plus/4 tapes in the post - but I figured I’d give the Bluetooth tape a go, it’s got about a 70/30 success rate which is pretty good

Ok, replaced the PLA in the Plus/4. It was my main suspect because it was the only chip getting hot, tested the voltages going to it and then put in a modern clone and …

Oh bugger ... so when i'm feeling depressed I tend to do one of two things, eat too much or buy stuff. For a while that turned into Japanese auctions, but now I've just seen I have 8 bids on live auctions and have just won this one

Yes I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with the Plus/4 yet - but retroleumhad these in stock so I grabbed them

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