Back on the tape gang - Soul of a robot loaded, but The Devils Crown did not, it has a bad section of tape so will probably never load , that £9.95 in Boots has been wasted

Into Oblivion loaded, haven’t got a clue what to do though - probably should have read the instructions

Next it’s a magazine cover tape, this one from Computing with the Amstrad - a bunch of type-in games

This has the same thing as Steve Davis Snooker where you have to hit a key for each block of data

Starfleet loaded, I assumed it was going to be a Space Invaders clone, instead it’s more like tailgunner with some very ‘inspired’ enemy ships

I managed to load Swamp, which is a weird Pacman clone where you’re collecting frogspawn and the frogs are after you, but then the tape starts to fail

Classic games first, it’s another one by Computing with the Amstrad. Annoyingly it doesn’t seem to stop the tape when the menu appears

Alien Intruders, finally we get our Space Invaders clone, albeit one written by developers mainlining speed. It’s almost impossibly fast at the beginning … and then speeds up

Snapman, no points for getting what this is a clone of. Did these developers have access to an early much slower Amstrad or something? Because this also runs at a ridiculous speed. Fortunately the AI appears to be based on line of sight

Mayday is a text adventure, in the first room it told me there was a computer box, I typed get computer box and it said it wasn’t there - that’s all I need to see


The penultimate game is Deadman, a hangman game. They’ve extended it by adding some other corporal punishment options, the face especially is haunting

And finally, Fighter Pilot. A flight sim- I’ve never had the greatest success with them - but this one uses joysticks which is great because the Cheetah Bollistick is obviously the greatest flight controller known to man

And that’s it, that’s all the games from one auction lot. The hit/miss ratio wasn’t good - especially with the disc games, this collection had obviously had a rough time. But it was fun, it’s been a while since I just loaded games for the sake of it rather than making a video or writing an article

@jonn_blanchard I've been considering making a list of games I have and want to have physical versions of, with some provision for wildcards, and having the rest as digital or ISOs/ROMs/etc, because having a physical games and software collection gets pretty unwieldy after a while!

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