And three of them (at least) offer #bbcbasic !

(I have an #amstrad #nc100)

(looks like the NEC PC-8201 offers microsoft #basic)


I have a #Z88 and an #NC100. I'd quite like an NC200, but they're very expensive and probably not worth it.

@retrobytes it’s a lovely little machine, especially as you can boot to a CP/M command-line with a little work

@jonn_blanchard I did not know you could do that. That's made me even more interested in getting one now.

@jonn_blanchard @ifixcoinops I’ve always dug these machines but never owned one. You’re making me want to remedy that…

@jonn_blanchard @ifixcoinops I have been jonesing for a TRS-80 Model 100 since they came out. I am not familiar with the ones in your picture, but I think I need to do more looking around. :)

@Wildbill @ifixcoinops The NEC PC-8201 is effectively the same as the Tandy (TRS) 100, they're both variations of a design from Kyocera

@jonn_blanchard @ifixcoinops That's awesome. I have some older HP gear (95LX, 100LX, 200LX, and an OmniBook 425) but that's about as far back as I go right now in computing gear.

@Wildbill @ifixcoinops I don't tend to do mobile stuff, but I tend to have a bunch of Japanese tech and I'm very fond of CP/M machines, which covers the two Amstrad models, the Z88 solely because it was what Sir Clive Sinclair did after the Spectrum

@jonn_blanchard @Wildbill I learned BASIC on an NC-100. School set me up with it 'cause of my dyspraxia (teachers couldn't read my writing). It was super fun to program on but it had no non-volatile memory, the memory chips were kept alive with a watch battery that was supposed to last 7 years but usually lasted about 2 months before it gave out and you just lost the lot. :)

Over here it's very rare. Those who have one wont give it away.

@jonn_blanchard Lovely! I need to get an NC100 some day for my slabtop collection

@jonn_blanchard I’ve got an NC100, it’s a nice little machine. Been keeping an eye out for an nc200 and z88 but they seem to be a bit pricey 😬

@sadken Yeah they seem to go for fairly high prices, I was lucky with my two NC200s, although one has severe battery damage.

@jonn_blanchard I don’t think I’ll ever find one as cheap as my nc100 😂 think I only paid £10 for it

I'd love one of those... Just have no idea what I would use it for...

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