Well the cube no longer turns on, I took it apart to fix the handle and the optical drive. I guess worst case scenario I can sell it for parts. Obviously I haven’t given up yet, but I won’t have time to do anything for the next two weeks

Dismantling an Apple G4 Cube is tricky, I just need to fix the bloody optical drive and handle lock and I’m struggling.

Replacing electrolytic capacitorps now, then I’m going to slowly put replacement components in and wire the connections back up that were eaten by Varta. Wish me luck! 🤞

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Cool micros!
Plus at least one Oric-1 and Atmos and my 6502 homebrew computer doing a special homage for the class of '82 machines 🤓👍🏽👍🏽
Be there, or be *not* square!😅🤗🙏🏽
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Yay! why not head over to see me showing:

Microbee - Aussie computing sensation,
Epson HX20
ACT Sirius 1 in fetching white,
DEC Rainbow 100B
Positron 9000

aaand my first Spectrum in its SAGA 1 keyboard plus loads of mags fr…

I sometimes use the-saleroom to find retro stuff, it’s effectively a middle-man service for live auctions. The problem is that I sometimes forget when I’ve bid on stuff - like the Plus 4 that I’ve apparently won …

I’ve got the rarest of FM Towns Marty’s - one whose floppy drive actually works!

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Doing a bit of research ahead of the 1982 Retrofest at @computermuseum next weekend and found this benchmark table in PCW - what a fantastic breadth of machines were available by the end of 1982! (and don't forget to come - it'll be awesome and supports the wonderful museum too)

These are pages that are popping up as I try to find more software for the Basic Master computers, including this list of computers - a few of which I've never heard of www2d.biglobe.ne.jp/~oga/pc/ol

I’ve cleaned the cable up, now that I’ve got the load wire, and connected it directly to my Mac - it’s got further

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Ok it errored, but I can’t believe this Frankenstein mess worked this much. I’m using the Bluetooth tape in the deck and playing the sound from my MacBook

The Halo TV series feels like they didn’t think they were getting a second series so they decided to speed-run every plot point in one.

Its a shame, because I like the fact they tried to do something different with the story.

I've finally managed to find one tape wav for the Hitachi Basic Master - now I just need to work out the pinout for the cassette port

One of the things retro collecting and filmmaking has in common is that when someone says something is affordable … it just isn’t

I’ve got a video on in the background whilst I’m working, it’s a YouTuber who downloads rubbish mobile games and plays them. As part of the joke he gives them 5 star jokey reviews. I realise it’s part of the joke but all I can think is he’s boosting the scores for scammy ad filled content flips

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